Since 1983, Superior Metal Shapes has been well-known for producing high-quality custom aluminum extrusions. We also provide design and manufacturing assistance to our clients, helping them transform drawings into tangible, workable components — but our services don’t stop there! We have a professional team to manage and oversee the finishing process, ensuring that your product is delivered on time and in pristine condition.

What Is Metal Finishing?

Metal finishing is a broad term that refers to applying a metal coating to the surface of a metallic part, also known as a substrate. It can also pertain to implementing a procedure for cleaning, polishing, or enhancing a surface.

Manufacturers use industrial metal finishing for a variety of purposes, including the following:

  • Reducing corrosion impact
  • Serving as a primer coat for paint adhesion
  • Increasing wear and chemical resistance and bolstering the substrate
  • Minimizing friction
  • Improving the part’s appearance
  • Optimizing solderability
  • Creating an electrically conductive surface
  • Cleaning, polishing, and removing defects

Aluminum Finishing Services From Superior Metal Shapes

Once a metal part or component has been extruded and manufactured to the required specifications, we can finish the product and prepare it for assembly or packaging. We at Superior Metal Shapes offer both in-house and outside finishing services.

Our in-house finishes include the following:


Deburring removes sharp burrs, splinters, and deformed edges from the outlines of machined parts. It is also a prerequisite for other finishing processes like powder coating and painting. Furthermore, deburring improves product quality, reduces friction, and improves aesthetic value.


Buffing is a finishing technique involving a loose abrasive on a wheel, which removes surface material and imperfections for a smoother surface. There are various types of buffing, most of which are numerically characterized. The higher the number, the more gleaming and high-quality the polished surface.

Line Graining

Line graining, also known as linear graining, gives steel or aluminum parts a directional pattern and a grained finish. This technique usually eliminates factory defects like scratches, surface pores, and mill scale, making the metal easier to handle.

Heavy Etching

Aluminum etching is the method of selectively and precisely dissolving the metal using chemical etchants to achieve the required component. This process is distinguished by mechanical properties retention, burr-free and stress-free parts, and clean profiles with no high-temperature zones.


Aluminum paint is a solvent-based paint that contains aluminum flakes. It is a protective finish commonly applied to well-prepared metal parts such as roofs, pipelines, and holding tanks. It is also highly resistant to rust and corrosion, making it ideal for restoring old or worn-down aluminum products.

Meanwhile, our outside finishing services are as follows:


Anodizing is a process that is frequently used to enhance the corrosion and wear resistance of aluminum parts. It could also provide other advantages, such as increased heat dissipation and dye acceptance. Furthermore, an electrochemical process stimulates the naturally occurring layer of aluminum oxide to thicken.

Military-Grade Finishing

Military-grade finishes, which meet stringent durability and corrosion prevention standards, are applied to defense hardware and technology. The more durable they are, the more effectively they can protect military vehicles and other equipment from harsh weather and combat activities.

Chem Film Coating

Chem film coatings, also known as chromate conversion or alodine, are chemical conversion covers used to protect aluminum from external factors. In addition, it is meant to increase paint finish adhesion and other coating barrier properties to prevent corrosion.

Superior Metal Shapes also provides other metal finishing services, such as stain clear and Scotch Brite, better suited to stainless steel and different metal types.

Start Your Next Finishing Project With Superior Metal Shapes

At Superior Metal Shapes, we provide high-quality aluminum extrusions and quality assurance that surpasses expectations while meeting the requirements of various projects. We also collaborate with trusted and experienced partners who deliver exceptional finishing services. Furthermore, we quality-certify each component before packaging and delivering it to you.

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