Superior Metal Shapes has a combined extrusion and fabrication experience of over 50 years, and our work speaks for itself. Our company began with a single extrusion press and has since expanded to three presses, several CNC machines, and various finishing capabilities.

We provide a broad range of aluminum fabrication services, including custom aluminum extrusions, machining, finishing, and other additional services.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion

Extrusion is a forming process that involves enclosing heated metal in a cavity and forcing it through a die opening, where it takes on the profile form of the die. This method is suitable and cost-efficient for producing parts and components with invariable cross-sections throughout a workpiece.

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The following are the extrusion services offered by Superior Metal Shapes, Inc.:

Aluminum Extrusion Shapes

Aluminum is a suitable material for extrusion because of its ductility and machinability. The extrusion process allows metal fabrication experts to incorporate multiple shapes with various cross-sectional options, such as tees, bars, angles, and more. After that, the long pieces are cut to the required dimensions.

Superior Metal Shapes customizes extruded aluminum shapes for any application. Some of the most common shapes requested by customers include the following:

  • I-beams
  • H-shapes
  • Hollow shapes
  • L-shapes
  • Multi-void hollow shapes
  • T-bars
  • Tubes (round, serrated, rectangular)
  • Zee bars

Custom Aluminum Parts

Several properties of aluminum make it an excellent choice for custom parts. For instance, aluminum conducts heat and electricity well, making it ideal for electrical transmission lines. It is also more affordable than copper and has a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio.

Other advantages of aluminum that make it suitable for custom parts include excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, versatility, and easy machinability.

Anodized Aluminum Shapes

Anodizing improves the properties of aluminum by electrochemically creating a natural oxide layer on the surface. First, the extruded aluminum part is immersed in an electrolyte fluid bath. Then, an electrical current flows from a cathode inside the bath to the solution, converting the aluminum component into an anode. As the electrolyte fluid emits oxygen ions, they are drawn to the aluminum and form an oxide layer, protecting the aluminum component’s surface.

Anodized aluminum extrusions are used in various applications due to their durability, ease of maintenance, and metallic colors. Superior Metal Shapes guarantees that the anodizing process is cost-effective and efficient and can produce long-lasting and aesthetically appealing finishes.

Custom Machining

At Superior Metal Shapes, our specialized aluminum extrusion processes, craftsmanship, and quality assurance allow us to minimize waste in producing cross-sectional aluminum parts. Our unique capabilities also make machining components from a complete aluminum workpiece more efficient and cost-effective.

Available Machining Processes

Superior Metal Shapes offers the following machining processes:


Burrs are sharp, deformed edges that form along the outlines of in-process machined parts. Superior Metal Shapes provides deburring services to remove metal splinters, restore compressed edges, and improve piece quality. Deburring also enhances the safety and efficiency of assembly processes.


Cutting refers to various tools and methods used to reduce or separate materials. For example, you can use it to remove material from a workpiece or separate long extrusions into specific dimensions.

CNC Machining

Superior Metal Shapes’s Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) equipment follows detailed designs by converting digital computer-aided design files into step-by-step computer-aided manufacturing instructions. Furthermore, our CNC machines can handle multiple axes tasks simultaneously using a single set of prompts. The machinery also follows the exact design instructions to ensure high part-to-part repeatability throughout production runs.


Our sawing processes divide workpieces into two or more sections and meet design specifications with +/= 0.002 in. well within most tolerance levels. Unlike other cutting procedures, sawing produces clean, straight lines as it cuts through the metal and does not produce waste like chips. It will also not burn or melt the new edges because it is a cold process.

Custom Aluminum Machining

Aluminum machined components are gaining popularity in the engineering industry. These can be obtained through CNC machining innovation. Also, these parts are used in milling, turning, and grinding services.

Some commonly machined products are lighting fixtures, EMI housings, pins and dowels, front panels, medical equipment, and shafts with splines.

High-Quality Custom Services From Superior Metal Shapes

At Superior Metal Shapes, we offer quality assurance and customer service that exceeds expectations and meets the demands of the most ambitious projects. Our client base comes from various industries, including aviation and aerospace, automotive, firearms, electronics, defense, medical, and consumer products. We also work with reputable business partners who provide high-quality finishing solutions without disrupting your project’s supply chain.

Additionally, Superior Metal Shapes works with certified outside anodizing companies and will collaborate with you to meet your finishing needs. We then quality-certify those pieces before packaging and shipping them to you. Finally, we monitor the finishing process to ensure that your order is delivered on time and in perfect condition!

Contact us today to learn more about our custom services.