Superior Metal Shapes delivers quick and cost-efficient custom aluminum extrusions with over 38 years in the business. Our facility maintains ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications to meet strict international quality standards for various industries. We deliver custom aluminum extrusions to numerous leaders in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, consumer products, defense, medical, and firearms industries.

Anodizing aluminum extruded parts provides an appealing look and improved durability. The anodizing process can be performed quickly and inexpensively without causing harm to the aluminum part. Understanding anodized aluminum, its benefits, and applications will help you determine if anodizing is ideal for your application.

Overview of Anodized Aluminum Shapes

Anodizing is a method of enhancing the properties of aluminum by creating a natural oxide layer on the aluminum surface using an electrochemical process. The extruded aluminum part is submerged in a bath filled with an electrolyte fluid. An electrical current passes from a cathode inside the bath to the solution turning the aluminum part into an anode. As the electrolyte fluid releases oxygen ions they are attracted to the aluminum and create an oxide layer that protects the aluminum component’s surface.

Manufacturers can add various dyes to change the color of the anodized surface and seal the product to fight corrosion. The durable anodic oxide surface is aesthetically pleasing with a colorful metallic finish.

Capabilities of Aluminum Anodizing

At Superior Metal Shapes, our expertise in aluminum extrusion allows us to deliver various benefits to our clients through the anodizing process. We rely on trusted vendors to ensure our clients’ products are properly anodized and manage the entire process to deliver the finished part on time.

We rely on trusted vendors to deliver the following anodized aluminum benefits:

  • Efficiency: Our trusted vendors handle the anodizing process. Their experience in anodizing combined with our aluminum extrusion expertise delivers a finished product quickly and efficiently.
  • Cost-Effective: Anodized parts provide improved longevity at a low cost and require little maintenance to maintain their appearance and durability. We lower finishing costs while delivering exceptional value by relying on anodizing.
  • Superior Finish: Anodized aluminum has an appealing surface finish available in several color options. It withstands years of wear and exposure to UV rays without fading. Anodized aluminum offers improved durability and will not chip, peel, or flake. It is easy to clean and low maintenance.


Various consumer products and commercial industries depend on anodized aluminum components for their enhanced durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing metallic finish. The following applications depend on anodized aluminum.

  • Appliances: Microwaves, dryers, ranges, coffee machines, refrigerators, and televisions made from anodized aluminum extrusions offer a durable and easy-to-clean product in a range of colors.
  • Home Improvement & Construction: Switchplates, bathroom fixtures, mailboxes, window frames, storm doors, lighting fixtures, duct and vent covers, awnings, and patio covers can be made durable and long-lasting from anodized aluminum.
  • Food Service: Grills, coolers, pans, and food display cases made from anodized aluminum offer excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

Anodized Aluminum Shapes From Superior Metal Shapes

Anodizing is a chemical process that alters the surface of an extruded aluminum part. The anodizing process is cost-effective, efficient, and delivers a durable and aesthetically-pleasing finish. Various applications rely on anodized aluminum extrusions for their longevity, ease of maintenance, and metallic colors.

At Superior Metal Shapes, we rely on aluminum extrusion to deliver a high-quality product without the expense and labor of fully machining a part or component. We recommend anodizing as a cost-effective and efficient method of improving the durability and appearance of our custom aluminum extrusions. Contact us to learn how anodized aluminum extrusions can benefit your project.